Basement Bathroom

An additional basement bathroom is a great addition to any home. Not only does it add value to your home, it adds function as well, which is a must for households with family members who work or go to school at the same time. Ever experienced a situation where you really needed the bathroom but someone else is using it? With an extra bathroom in the basement, you don’t have to wait in line – two people can simultaneously use bathrooms comfortably.

Benefits of having an extra bathroom in the basement

Installing bathroom in your basement is of great benefits. You do not have to go upstairs each time nature calls. Your bathroom basement can save you a lot. There are lots of benefits of bathroom basement but these can be categorized into two headings, namely;

  • Convenience
  • Increase in the value of your home.


As a matter of fact, your bathroom basement will offer you immense convenience. Since your bathroom is now available at the basement it will be easy for you or your family members to have access to it. The bathroom basement can be used for entertainment or for simple family use. No matter the reason for which it is built, it will go a long way to offer you convenience.
As said earlier, you can opt in for the full or partial bathroom in your basement but whichever way, you will obtain convenience with your bathroom basement. Basement Renovation Winnipeg uses state of the art techniques and processes in building bathroom basement that will meet your needs and purposes.

Increase in the value of your home
One of the ways to increase the value of your home and hence its cost is installing bathroom basement. As a matter of fact, you might want to consider installing bathroom basement if you are planning to sell the home.

The basement will make your home well acceptable by the buyer and hence you will make money off selling it. The truth is that whether you install partial or full bathroom, the value of your home will be increased but full bathroom will have a greater effect than partial bathroom.
If you are running low on budget, then you should consider going for partial bathroom and of course you can also install a bathroom on budget using less expensive materials and it will still look great and offer you the quality you need in a bathroom.

The importance of an expert cannot be overemphasized when it comes to installing or renovating bathroom basement. This is where Basement Renovation Services Winnipeg comes in as they will ensure that the best bathroom basement for your convenience and increase in value of your home will be offered to you to ensure that you make huge bang for your bucks and get the best out of your basement.

What to consider in building bathroom in your basement
The processes involved in renovating or installing a bathroom in the basement could be complicated and therefore requires the help of a basement renovations specialist who is well versed in this field. Below are some considerations to look into when building a basement bathroom:

One of the key things to consider in constructing a bathroom basement is design consideration. To get the best result here, you may need to first contact a local authority to sort out issues with zoning ordinances and deed restrictions.
The work at hand depends on whether you want to build a new bathroom in the basement from the scratch or to renovate an already built one. Locating the new bathroom close to existing plumbing and electrical wiring will serve the best purpose. This will go a long way to save you some costs as it will make it easier to connect utilities.
Besides, you also need to consider the type of bathroom. You can opt in for full bathroom with bathtub and so forth or a half-bath bathroom. The type of bathroom you want is very essential and should be carefully considered in order to get the best result.

Draining is an important factor to consider in installing or renovating bathroom basement. As a matter of fact, drainage is the most critical issue to consider when adding a bathroom to basement spaces.

Thus, two main issues are considered by contractors and they include:
o    Plumbing depth
o    Pipe size

Most homes built with the intention of installing a basement bathroom already have plumbing stubs making it easier to install bathroom basement in such homes.We have a team of bathroom specialists, no need to hire different contractors for one job.

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