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Basement Rec Room

Basement rec rooms provide a great addition to your home, and offer you the perfect place to host parties, enjoy your home media center, play games, or just be a place for you or your kids to hang out.

With a well thought-out rec room design, you can easily have the best entertaining space on the block.

There are so many options when it comes rec room designs, you can include a large media center, a billiards table, a ping pong table, a comfortable couch and sitting area, microwave, soda fountain, microwave, popcorn machine, or a combination.

As you may know by now, one of the most popular places for a home rec room is in the basement. With a basement remodel, you can take an unfinished or finished basement and transform it (or part of it) into the perfect family rec room.

What to Expect With a Basement Rec Room Remodel

Before we begin your basement rec room, you will have some important considerations. First, you need to think about for what you will use your rec room for, as this might affect some of the design or technical aspects of the remodel. Your basement space will also need to be inspected to see where best starting point for the remodel is, as this will give you an idea of how much work needs to be done.

Moisture is one of the first factors we need to address before proceeding with any type of basement finishing or renovation.

Basements are the area of the home most at risk of moisture and flooding problems; therefore, it is important to install a waterproofing system. We’ll also need to consider what types of systems you already have in the basement, such as an HVAC system, electrical outlets, and plumbing, as well as their capacity. We might also have to design your rec room around certain mechanicals such as the ductwork, water heaters, or a furnace depending on what you already have and the extent of the basement renovation that you’re considering.

Finishing versus Remodeling your Basement

Once we have an idea of your current situation, you can decide whether to simply have to refinish your basement, or if it needs a complete remodel.

Finishing a basement typically occurs when you have a basement that was never provided with certain features to be used as any type of living space.

The main projects involved in finishing a basement are filling in the floor and framing and insulating the walls and ceiling. We might also need to add some lighting, electrical, and plumbing, depending on the situation.

A remodel or full basment renovation typically involves a more complicated project, including adding more rooms, installing a basement bathroom, moving walls, moving mechanicals, and more.

What You May Need for a Rec Room Remodel

When finishing or remodeling your basement for a family rec room, we may need to check for a few important features in your basement design:

There are a lot of things that you may need to consider when thinking about remodeling part or your whole basement into a family rec room and we can help you throughout the process from basement rec room design to finish.

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