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Basements provide more than just space for storage or mechanicals such as your furnace or water heater; they also have the potential to become functional space for a variety of purposes, especially once they have been finished. Not only does a finished basement provide you with extra space, it also increases the value of your home. With our basement renovation services, you can take your current basement and turn it into the perfect addition to your home.

Basement Finishing

Basement finishing can be a simple construction project or it can be more involved, depending on the starting point, what needs to be done, and the desired purpose of the finished basement. By consulting with our experts, you can better determine the different types of work that needs to be done to turn your basement into functional space, including insulation, floor installation, waterproofing, and more. Basement finishing also can eliminate many issues commonly experienced with basements, including leaks, flooding and mold. Even if you just want increased storage space or a utility room, a finished basement provides better protection for storing your belongings.

Basement Remodel

A basement remodel involves more intensive basement renovation services than simply finishing the basement. It could include adding walls, a bathroom, a separate entrance, and more. Typically, a remodel converts a basement into usable space for your home. The remodel can cover the entire basement area, or just one small space, depending upon the intended purpose, the budget, and the available space. When remodeling the basement, care will be taken to work with the existing mechanics, waterproof the area, work with the plumbing, install lighting, add walls, and more.

Basement Bar

A basement bar is one of many ideas for what a finished basement can be used. Having a bar in your basement provides a space to entertain guests, but you want to ensure that it is comfortable. When undergoing basement renovation services, you should describe the type of bar you want in the basement. This could include a dedicated wine cellar space, in addition to a bar. You will also want to have some plumbing in place so you can have a sink in your bar. You will also need to look at possibly installing floors, insulation, electricity, lighting, and walls to make the space comfortable for entertaining. Most importantly, you will want easy access to the basement for all your guests.

Rec Room

Rec rooms or media rooms are one of the most popular options for converting basements. Before you begin with any basement renovation services, you should decide what you want down there, as this may affect the design and the installation of plumbing and electricity services. You will need to install new flooring and lighting, as well as possibly insulate the walls. You might even want to install a bathroom in the basement area to make it a more comfortable and convenient space for guests. This is an especially great option when designing a rec room for children and teens in mind. By speaking with a professional about your options for basement renovation services, you can ensure you end up with the perfect rec room or media room for your family to enjoy.

Basement Insulation

Basements often do not have proper insulation like the rest of your house. This makes them feel damp and cold, especially during the winter months. Therefore, one of the most important basement renovation services will be to insulate the basement walls and flooring. You have your options of insulation type, including rigid Styrofoam, spray foam, and fiberglass insulation. Insulation also protects against moisture, something to which most basements are prone.

Basement Waterproofing

Basements are at high risk of flooding, and they often have a lot of moisture, due to being underground and having concrete walls and floors that often sweat. Plumbing pipes and lines also often run through the basement, and any leaks from the pipes could cause water problems in the basement. Therefore, one of the initial aspects of any basement renovation will need to be waterproofing. This will include checking all pipes for any signs of leaks, as well as install items such as sump pumps that will reduce the risk of groundwater coming into your basement. Any cracks in the walls or floors will need to be sealed as well.

Basement Bathroom Install

If you are using your basement for any type of room, whether a rec room, bar, extra bedroom, office space, home gym, or separate apartment complex, you will want to install a bathroom in your basement. When you install a bathroom, you might have to add walls, plumbing, pipes, and electricity. You will have to ensure that your current services can handle the additional bathroom. By working with experts at basement finishing and remodeling, you can ensure that your bathroom is installed correctly.

Finishing or remodeling your basement with our basement renovation services allows you to take full advantage of all the square footage of your home.

You will have increased functional space for a variety of purposes, enhancing your home’s comfort level. Furthermore, you will increase the value of your home. It can be a complex project, so you want to ensure to use experienced and qualified basement finishing contractors, such as our company.

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